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COMPTRONIC™ Electronic Safe Locks

S & G 6120
E-Z Keypad

Please visit the
Sargent & Greenleaf Website for more information

Standard features on all COMPTRONIC™ Electronic Safe Locks:

bulletDirect replacement for most mechanical locks.
bulletFast and simple to use for easy safe access.
bulletAll Combination changes and programming are easily made at keypad.
bulletUses two (2), 9V Alkaline batteries -Duracell® recommended. (E-Z keypad uses (1) 9V battery.)
bulletKeypad feedback with beep and LED flash.
bulletMultiple users.
bulletProgrammable Time Delay.
bulletMotor driven bolt.
bulletWrong combination try penalty.
bulletInternal Locker.
bulletU.L. Type 1 listed.


COMPTRONIC™ Keypad Finishes:

bulletChrome - satin or bright
bulletBrass - satin or bright
bulletBlack - matte only
bulletGold - 14K or 24K

Optional Security Enhancement Accessories:

bulletSpy-Proof ® Cover.
bulletTime Delay Status Indicator.
bulletBolt Position Indicator.
bulletDuress and Remote Activation Modules.
bulletAudit Trail (Model 6124/25 only).


We offer the full line of S & G electronic and manual combination locks. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


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